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Yere: Shocking cancer diagnosis

On June 3rd, 2020 Yere, one of our Omo's Morningstar children, received shocking news after taking an X-ray to determine why she feels p...

Sponsor a child

There are many children in need among the pastoralist (shepherds) community in South Ethiopia. We have identified multiple children fitting to OMC's selection criteria to participate in the Omo's Morningstar Children program. We have received the parents'/guardians' approval and now these children started the new school year in Turmi and their new lives at the OMC Turmi Children Home. 

For $25 a month you can help a child in need to receive school education, a safe place to grow up (no early child marriage, no ritual malpractices: i.e. FMG, mingi, etc.), and an opportunity to learn from being raised in an inter-tribal/multi-cultural environment. Check out our donation links!
Here are some of the children waiting for your help - send a message if you want more info or photos:

Hamer tribe:
Uri (needs sponsor)
Aywa (needs parent approval)
Keri (needs parent approval)

Rohama (sponsored)
Hayto (needs evaluation)
Teno (sponsored)

Kaydo (sponsored)

Bethlehem  (sponsored)

Bethlehem (sponsored)

Arbore tribe:
Muli (sponsored)
Rufo (sponsored)
Guido & Gurati (sponsored)

Gurati (sponsored)
Guido (sponsored)


Kara tribe:

Pole (needs evaluation)
Tsefanesh (needs evaluation)
Katja (sponsored)

Dassanech tribe:
Danabo (needs parent approval)
                  Naisho (needs parent approval)

Titina (needs evaluation)
Buree (needs parent approval)
Cholo & Namede
(Cholo needs evaluation)
(Namede needs parent approval)

(needs parent approval)
(needs parent approval)
(needs parent approval)

Luan  (needs evaluation)
Yere, my cancer patient 

Nakuti and Chollo
(Nakuti is sponsored)

Nakuti (sponsored)

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