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Yere: Shocking cancer diagnosis

On June 3rd, 2020 Yere (pronounced like: ' year '), one of our Omo's Morningstar children, received shocking news after taking a...

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THANK YOU for your interest in supporting our work
and to help to provide children to get school education.

There are different options how to get involved in our projects and how to support our ideas to provide a safe environment for children in need and to give them an opportunity for school education.


Currently we are in need of some funds for school material, furniture, and equipment: 
(prices provided are the cheapest after a bidding process using three different vendors)

School material:
- School uniforms: $50 - I need 3
- Backpacks: $12 - I need 18  (thank you TS and SR for your generous gifts - I purchased backpacks for all children)
- Exercise books, pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, sharpener, etc.: $10/child - I need 18
- Text and reference books for Turmi’s Primary School:
Text books ($300)
1. Environmental Sciences, for grade 4
2. Social Sciences, for grade 8
3. Estatics, for grade 1-4
Reference books ($100)
1. Civics, for grade 5-8
2. Biology, for grade 7-8
3. Chemistry,  for grade 7-8 
4. Amharic, for grade 5-8
5. Social studies, for grade 5-8 

Furniture for dormitory rooms/dining area:
- Bunk beds (including transport): $175 each, I need six four (thank you HF and SR for sponsoring a bed!) 
- Chairs (including transport): $45
Mattresses: $50 – I need 8
- Bed sheets: $7.50 - I need 20
- Pillows and cases: $10 – I need 20
- Shelves (including transport): $75 each – I need 3
- Desks: $75 each – I need 5
- Dining table/bench combination (including transport): $125, I need five two (thank you DH, SR and HF for your generous gifts)

Equipment for Children Home:
- Solar system (security lights and lights for studying after 7 pm): $1,250 (solar plates, controller, inverter, battery, cables, light fixtures, bulbs, installation)
- Fridge (including transport): $500
- Generator (we have only occasionally electricity in town): $1,550
- Water tank for new shower facility (including installation): $200
- Toilets and installation for new toilet facility: $300

Coronavirus relief:
Local school opened on October 19th and are in desperate need of face masks and hand sanitizer
- Face masks
- Hand sanitizer
- Gloves
$750 are needed to help about 400 students in several schools in Hamer and Dassanech Woredas (districts). We are keen on helping especially schools in rural areas often forgotten by official channels. 

Coronavirus relief distribution in
Dimeker Primary School, Jinka
Handing out face masks for students
at Turmi's Primary School


For our Ethiopian supporters:
Wegagen Bank (www.wegagen.com)

Omo's Morningstar Children
Wegagen Bank S.C.
Account number: 0821753310101
Address: SNNPRS, South Omo Zone, Jinka


Special donations for Yere 
(medical expenses to treat her bone cancer - more details here)
Image result for gofundme
If you want to help to cover some of the medical expenses for Yere's cancer treatment please use any of the donation options above or check out our GoFundMe campaign: 


Sponsor a child:
Check out OMC's foster parent funding opportunity if you want to sponsor an individual child to participate in OMC's activities (school education, safe environment to grow up, inter-tribal/multi-cultural setting, Christian values, etc.).

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