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Yere: Shocking cancer diagnosis

On June 3rd, 2020 Yere (pronounced like: ' year '), one of our Omo's Morningstar children, received shocking news after taking a...

June 16, 2020

Daily life in OMC's children home: Part I

Every day OMC offers it's children a scheduled program to learn and play, to discover and eat, to sing and dance, to do tasks like laundry and preparing coffee. Most importantly, they learn to grow up in a multi-cultural setting, several South Omo tribes mixed together (i.e., Hamer, Dassanech, Arbore, Kara), in an attempt to teach a peaceful interaction with their neighbors.

UPDATE 06-25-2020: Coffee Time
Most of you have it easy to get a coffee - just a ride to Starbucks, that's it. Or do you have a coffee machine, plugged into an electric outlet - pushing some buttons to get the coffee, or even program it to have the coffee ready when you wake up in the morning?
Here in Ethiopia, with limited electricity, things are a bit different - a lengthy procedure:
Step 1: Go to a market and buy coffee beans
Step 2: Roast it on a charcoal stove
Step 3: Grind it  (manual coffee grinder or coffee rammer)
Step 4: Brew it
Step 5: Enjoy it


UPDATE 06-26-2020: Garden Project
We have finished (for now) our gardening project - a way to learn how different vegetables grow from a tiny seed into (hopefully) an ingredient of our future meals. Watering and observing the little plants sprouting are exciting daily activities.

The first sprouts
Getting garden #2 ready
Sowing beans
Working on garden #1

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