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July 25, 2020

Getting things fixed and ready

There is plenty of work, maintenance, fixing things and tasks to get ready for more children and staff at the OMC Turmi Project Site
The Director's home was painted (but needs another coat and refinements), a school room painted and equipped, and a sleeping room for 6 children prepared.

Next month before school will start (Coronavirus?) we are expecting 10-15 new children to arrive (from 4 different tribes) to join our program at OMC: your financial support to sponsor a child is very much appreciated. 

UPDATE 08-14-2020 New furniture arrived
Today, finally a truck came with all the furniture which I have ordered (or found abandoned in a storage area) a long time ago from a carpenter in Jinka. The children were excited to help unloading and inspecting everything. 
After posting pictures on Facebook I found two sponsors willing to support OMC with one bed and two tables. Now I will order two more beds and some standing shelves for the soon-to-be-expected new arrivals from the Arbore and Kara tribes.

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