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November 26, 2020

Birthday parties

One of our highlight each month are our birthday parties. 

Since pastoralists usually don’t have a birth certificate and/or keep track on their children’s birthdays we assigned birthdays to our Omo’s Morningstar children. 

This month Uri (she still needs a sponsor, see here), one of our Hamer tribe kids and Muli, one of our Arbore tribe kids, celebrated their 12th and 9th birthday, respectively. We purchased beef meat (which is quite expensive in Ethiopia) for this special occasion and our cooker Banchi prepared a great lunch and dinner with freshly baked bread (dabo) and local injera. 

Cutting the birthday cake

Pole helps to prepare beef

Birthday dinner

Children Home kids waiting for the birthday activities 
Happy Birthday Uri and Muli

New clothes were provided as gifts for our birthday girls. In the afternoon we played many outdoor games and invited our Turmi friends to join us for singing and dancing. We finished the great day with a movie night, even with popcorn.

Back in September we celebrated Yere’s 11th birthday (our cancer patient from the Dassanech tribe, see her story here) and slaughtered two chicken for this special event. She received a special pen for school and a solar audio bible in Dassanech language. She was very happy and likes to listen to it whenever there is time in her busy schedule. 

Yere is very competitive in games

Yere and Teno after a
‘search for the sweets in a flour bowl’ game

Pancakes (with food coloring) and
sprinkles on a chocolate birthday cake - not bad!

Find the sweets in the flour - a birthday party favorite 

Yere’s birthday cake with candles 

Children Home kids perform for Yere

Birthday rockets 

Lots of fun with water games


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