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Yere: Shocking cancer diagnosis

On June 3rd, 2020 Yere (pronounced like: ' year '), one of our Omo's Morningstar children, received shocking news after taking a...

OMC's Executive Director

Ayko Gudree:

Omo's Morningstar Children Co-Founder and Executive Director comes from the Kara tribe. He was the first in his tribe to receive formal education. He realized early on the importance of education for the pastoralist community and has promoted education in the Ethiopian government (Deputy Head of South Omo Zone Agriculture and Pastoral area) and nonprofit organization (Omo Child, General Manager).
Ayko's believe is that African women carrying many challenges of their continents on their backs and therefore providing education to especially girls will strengthen the African society and allow women to raise as future leaders of the African continent. 

In early 2020 he teamed up with Dr. Ramon Flick to establish Omo's Morningstar Children (OMC), to promote education for pastoralists' children in the South Omo Zone in Ethiopia. Furthermore, education about harmful traditional practices [i.e., early marriages, FGM - circumcisionmingi, wiping during bull jumping (Hamer manhood ceremony), lip cutting, etc.] will be provided to the community. 
In addition, selected schools in Hamer and Dassanech Woredas will be provided with school material and teaching tools to improve education quality.

His primary role, as OMC's Executive Director, is to represent the interest of Omo's Morningstar Children participants and staff members and to ensure that OMC's vision and philosophy are implemented. 


  1. Dear Mr. Ayko:- I really appreciated what is going on in south Omo because of the project led by you. I am a senior Public health specialist specialized in Health Informatics and Epidemiology. I want to serve the community you are working for free. If there is any support expected from me in areas related to Public health do not hesitate to contact me via email address of daniialayu@gmail.com/ danidilla@gmail.com/ daniela@dbu.edu.et. With Regards!

    1. Dear Daniel,
      Thank you for your willingness to help and we are looking forward collaborating with you in the future. Currently we are looking for face masks and hand sanitizer for students of the community.

  2. Hey bro im happy to help my sisters and brothers pls call to me 0985904051 my name gezahegn wedaje.


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