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October 29, 2020

First day of school

Masked-up: ready for school

How exciting! For many of our Turmi's Children Home kids it is the first time to attend formal teaching in a school setting. Equipped with some new clothes, exercise books, pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener, and the mandatory face mask they are walking every morning to Turmi's Primary school.

Turmi Primary School

Most of them attend 1st grade, but we also have one 3rd, two 5th, and one 6th grader. Proudly they present every check mark from the teacher or exam result.

Amharic exam: 6/6 yay!

English exam: 2 mistakes!!

For many it's a rough road to success; there are often problems with:

- Understanding the Amharic language
- Writing in Amharic or English (drawing symbols and letters are common)
- Keeping their exercise books tidy
- Not losing their school material

But everyone is proud to be a student and they understand that school education is very important for their future.

If anyone wants to help with providing school backpacks that would be great - currently there is no sufficient funding available for providing backpacks for our school girls.

UPDATE 12-2020: Fortunately we found some generous sponsors - thank you!!!


Proud Yere - finally school time

Coronavirus relief:
Local school opened on October 19th and are in desperate need of face masks and hand sanitizer

$750 are needed to help several schools in Hamer and Dassanech Woredas (districts). Please consider a donation:


Wegagen Bank (www.wegagen.com)
Omo's Morningstar Children
Wegagen Bank S.C.
Account number: 0821753310101
Address: SNNPRS, South Omo Zone, Jinka

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