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December 18, 2020

Coronavirus relief

Thanks to the generous support of two German mission organizations and two individuals from Germany and IA/USA Omo‘s Morningstar Children was able to respond to government officials request to help local schools in their attempts to deal with Coronavirus transmission. 

So far 1,350 face masks, 180 gloves for teachers and 150 liter hand sanitizer were delivered to several schools in the South Omo Zone. Hamer, Ari, Dassanech and Mursi are some of the tribes benefiting from the Coronavirus relief supplies we provided. 

A big thanks goes to:

DIGUNA Stiftung: Hilfe für Menschen in Not (HfMiN) for their quick release of funds to purchase items to help in the fight against Coronavirus. 

Kontaktmission Corona Nothilfe (31825) for their great financial support allowing us to continue to distribute Coronavirus relief to Ethiopian schools. 

AK from Germany for his personal commitment to help, including a planned fundraising project in German schools to raise awareness and to help even more. 

MM from Iowa, USA for his continuous support this year and his specific support for this project to help Ethiopian schools.

Three little Dassanech girls
happy to receive face masks 

A rural Dassanech school

Let’s hope they will use the masks
to control coronavirus transmission 

Gloves for the teacher

Black, green, white: 
The choices of face masks

Hand sanitizer

There is still much help needed - not only to help to slow down Coronavirus transmission, but also to help local schools with school books, other educational material, awareness of harmful traditional practices (mingi, Female Genital Mutilation: FGM, child marriages, etc.) and to support children from poor families with school materials. 

Here are different options listed how you can help!

You can also sponsor a child, changing her life forever, by providing food, clothes, school material, education and a safe place to grow up in a multi-cultural environment. Check out some of our currently unsponsored children here! It’s a great Christmas gift. 

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